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Our family business is ultra passionate about educating others on chemical and plastic free cleaning practices, ultimately reducing carbon footprints around the country. Now, more than ever, we all have a moral obligation to our environment, not to mention the health of our families and community.

Ecologik provide both domestic and commercial clients with logical, safe, efficient, enviro-friendly cleaning solutions saving your time, money and health.

Traditional cleaning methods expose our communities, families and environments to harmful toxins. Our revolutionary product ranges are world leaders in eradicating unnecessary poisons and waste when it comes to cleaning and hygiene.

Ecologik is proud to be associated with Ha-Ra & Enagik and so will you.

3-Part Guarantee


Be confident in your chemical-free micro-fibre cleaning and in your Ha-Ra® products as they are backed by a 100% TRIPLE GUARANTEE:

  • Six month money back guarantee
  • Three years replacement guarantee, new for old on faulty workmanship on the hardware e.g. floor express.
  • One year replacement guarantee, new for old, on faulty workmanship of all the fibre products.

If used and cared for correctly, your Ha-Ra® products will enable you to clean better and faster than a professional clean while protecting the environment, over and over for years to come. Ha-Ra® will not guarantee products that do not follow the Ha-Ra® wash and care instructions. Any use of chemicals, fabric softeners or any other products with the Ha-Ra® products will void the guarantee. Ha-Ra® does not cover general wear and tear of the products or incorrect use. If claims arise, Ha-Ra® will lab test the product to identify the cause of the issue prior to issuing a replacement or refund.

 Ha-Ra® has been providing environmentally-friendly and effective cleaning solutions since 1970. They are made of the highest quality materials and follow the strictest of quality controls.

 Please contact us via info@ecologik.com.au or 0417 851 684 if you need product assistance or would like to return an item.